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Good morning, afternoon or evening wherever you may be,

It is a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon here in middle Tennessee where I am today. Light, powder blue skies with a wisp of clouds here and there. A slight breeze now and again with a moderate temperature of 62 F.

We had our monthly Men’s breakfast at our church, Springhouse Worship & Arts Center and afterward I took a “Sunday Drive” on this Saturday enjoying the day.

As I was driving and listening to worship music I began talking to the Lord as I do often when driving. I began to be burdened for several in our local Body and friends that I am aware of who are going through struggles, sickness, disease and just tough times. As I drove the Lord impressed me with this portion of scripture, Psalm 91:1 “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.”

I began to pray that over each of those who I ‘knew’ where going through their particular battles and struggles. As I continued in my prayer the Lord began to bring many of you across my mind’s eye. When I came home I sat down on my computer and looked up that passage in my Word study and began to look up the whole passage in different translations.

I was drawn to the New Living Translation (NLT). And then I began to pray this over each of you, calling your names out before the Lord everywhere it says You or I or me.

I don’t know what you, your families or ministries may be walking “through” at this moment. But I know this: God is able! I know He is faithful. I know He sees each of you right where you are. I know the promise of this passage is for you and He will honor and keep His Word over you.

Take a moment and look up Psalm 91 and read it for yourself. Place YOUR name in the appropriate spots and declare it over YOUR life!!

I quotation marked the word ‘Through’ for a purpose. No matter where you are or what you find yourself in at this time you WILL get THROUGH it with the Lord our God at your side. He is above and below and before and behind as your covering and protection. He IS your deliverer! He IS your provider! He IS your healer! He IS your GREAT REWARD!

That is HIS Word!!!

Hold on to this passage and be blessed in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!!

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