Have you ever wondered what you are offering the Lord?

Finest Linens…

Blessings to you all in the name of Christ,

I have been on a lifestyle change since March 28th of this year concerning my overall health and weight management. Tomorrow, the 25th of May I go for my second month weigh in. The first month I lost 22.4 lbs. I am a little anxious and excited about tomorrow to see what this last month has wrought.

My overall health is really good. I had a major blood work and EKG done back in February and EVERYTHING was wonderful. All of the good stuff was really good and any of the bad stuff wasn’t near being bad. The doctor was really impressed and surprised. In fact, he said, “If I were to give your charts to any other doctor in here who doesn’t know you and asked them to guess your appearance they would never imagine you were your size.” I am about 180 lbs over my weight criteria. Other than a little fatigue now and then and tired knees when I over do it, I’m fine. But as the doctor said, I am playing with a loaded gun with my weight. Thus the lifestyle change in my eating habits and food choices.

I say all that to say this.

In my family’s change of dietary choices, we have found a couple of things to ring true. One, it really is a matter of choice and mind over matter. Two, it may take a little extra time to plan and prepare meals for the day/week but if you are disciplined in other areas of your life you can make the time. Thirdly, to eat healthier it will cost you more.

See you can run through any fast food drive thru in the States and buy unhealthy, poor nutrition-ed foods from their $5 meal deals to $8-$9 combo meals. It’s quick, easy and convenient!!

But if you’re going to eat healthy, nutritious meals you will have to take the time to shop wisely at the market, take the time to prepare meals and that can cost a little more money and time. But is your life and health worth it? It should be. The Word tells us our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit according to 1st Corinthians 6:19. So we are to be accountable for the gift the Lord has given us.

As I have been on this journey, I have had to find meals that we can eat out when we are away from the house. That is challenging, but it can be done. I absolutely LOVE Chinese food! That has been one of the things I have missed in this change of diet. BUT, there is actually a restaurant chain called Panda Express that has a healthy choice meal that is mostly veggies and then chicken or beef. I can get a meal for $8 but it is nutritionally well balanced and only has 580 calories.

I recently ate there and opened my fortune cookie to eat it. Now let me say this, I don’t hold any faith or substance to the ‘fortunes’ they put in there but I do read them for interest. The one from the other day caught my eye and my spirit. It said ‘Use your finest talents’.

That phrase reminded me of a passage in Exodus 28. The Lord led me to spend some time there again and meditate on that passage.

In the first five verses, we see the Lord giving Moses instruction concerning Aaron and his sons to set them apart for ministry as priests and how to make for them the Holy garments they were to wear.

I just want to touch on a few things here. First, the garments were for Aaron to wear to minister to the Lord. They weren’t just ANY old garment. The passage says they were for glory AND beauty. We know that in the New Testament we no longer are required to wear such garments. We have a new garment. We are to be clothed in the righteousness of Christ. Talk about being garment-ed in glory and beauty!!

Second, the laborers who were to make the garments were to be SKILLFUL and that the Lord Himself would endow them with the spirit of wisdom to do the work. The Lord has endowed all of us with gifts, talents and abilities for the work of the Kingdom and He also has given us the Holy Spirit to guide us in our service to Him.

Lastly, the 5th verse tells of the gold, purple and scarlet materials and ‘fine linens’ to be brought. Notice the distinction or separation of the ‘Fine Linens’ from the other material. The fine linens were made with time and diligence and an eye for perfection. No mars or knots in the threads of woven fabric. It was costly. It took discipline to make it. It was the BEST they had.

What of our talents? What of the gifts and abilities the Lord has given us to steward? Our ‘fine linens’ if you will. Do we watch over it/them and value its worth? Or do we get in a hurry at times with our ministry unto the Lord and just give what is easy, what is convenient?

I urge and challenge each of us to take a step back and refocus on where we are in our use of the ‘linens’ we are offering the Lord in our service to Him and those He has set us over and called us to serve. I know for myself I have had to spend some time in my prayer closet and ask for forgiveness and a new consecration of my linens to Him.

I pray the same over each of you.

May you walk in His peace and provision and know His great wisdom and love. May you be used mightily by the Lord wherever you are stationed in this world. May you walk in health and healing as needed and have the mind of Christ in all of your decisions.

Offering our finest,
Alan & Renee

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