The Lord IS our Shepherd!!

…the sheep of His pasture.

Psalm 100 verse 3 speaks to us of KNOWING God. That we are His. He made us and we are His. I love the scene this passage paints. Can’t you just see the lush green fields? Maybe it is early morning and the dew is still wet on the glistening blades of grass reflecting the brilliance of the sunlight heavenward.

I love this photo of the shepherd and his flock.

We can’t see the distinguishing character marks on his face, but we can just imagine the intense love and care he has for his flock looking out over them. Scanning the whole field watching out for each one. He most certainly has a name for each one. Probably knows and recognizes which ones belong together as a family as he spies the younger lambs and yearlings following near the mother ewe.

He has each one numbered and knows to the very one if they are all under his sight and care.

The Word says our Heavenly Father is like this. He is SO mindful of us he even knows the very number of the hairs on our heads. But more importantly, He sees the minute details of our hearts and emotions. He knows and cares for every hurt and heart ache we are walking through. Every anxiety casting it’s faint shadow of doubt over our faith and belief. Aware of our limitations, and imperfections of our gait that cause us to lag behind at times when the other sheep around us begin to stir and move to greener fields and still waters to satisfy our thirsty souls. In other words, He knows ALL about every aspect of our lives. He is that much involved.

The series of photos below are from the other day while driving in our community. There is a house on a small plot of land not far from our church, and they have about 20 sheep. Everyday, these sheep are let out into a small, fenced in lot to graze and drink from a small creek that flows through the lot. I have driven by many, many times. And I have rarely seen the ‘shepherd’ but I always see his helper, a white Labrador. I have watched as the sheep may be in the far side of the little field and the shepherd steps out on his porch and begins calling them. The white Lab runs and circles them and shoos them towards the Shepherd and the pen.

Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice; I know them and they follow me” (John 10:27)

I always slow down when driving by this little ‘pasture’ to look and see what is going on. I pass it almost every day. And every day, it is a gentle reminder of the Father’s great love, care and protection over me. I envision the Father stepping out and calling me by name, and the Holy Spirit, much like the white Lab, shooing me and leading me towards the Father.

I pray you sense the Almighty God in many ways in your life, but I hope you have had or get to have the experience of this scenario in your life many times. There is something calming and safe in feeling the care, protection and watchful eye of the Great Shepherd in our daily lives.

Alan & Renee